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The Global Audio  Conference

Celebrating the world's most sociable medium.

The IRF explores the way major broadcasting organisations are tackling the changing nature of audio consumption; alongside the challenges of podcasting and on-demand audio, with industry experts and leaders from broadcasters, production and technology companies.

The IRF analyses the rise of niche-format radio stations, and the unique challenges of serving listeners across a variety of media cultures. And we’ll hear from leading producers at the forefront of creating sound art and audio branding. Only at the world's first Audio Conference.

Registere here for the:
IRF Audio Conference Malta 01/11/18

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What the industry says:

“A gathering of an amazingly diverse and fascinating group of people with one thing in common: a love of radio. The most diverse radio gathering I’ve ever been to!”
Rusty Hodge, SOMA FM, San Francisco, USA


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