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In 2018, the 9th edition of the International Radio Festival (IRF) took place in Valletta, Malta, European Capital of Culture 2018. The IRF remains the world’s first and only Audio Conference and On-Air Festival, showcasing and debating the business and curation of music radio content, whilst broadcasting across the globe.

The IRF’s format presents radio’s unique strength in music discovery storytelling, where on-air hosts who command the daily loyal and trusting ear of their listeners, also share their IRF experiences and everything that was associated with the IRF host country with incredible enthusiasm, on-air and online, before, during and after the festival and conference, for close to a year, and in most cases long thereafter.

Hosting the IRF in Malta further supported Malta Tourism Authority’s music festival strategy (Music Cities) and represented the ultimate audio driven destination marketing channel by leveraging the highly influential, fully editorially driven, music radio/audio space – a media space rapidly being re-discovered as one that delivers lasting impact.

The below links offer further documentation offering full insight to the scope of the IRF, both as a B2B and B2C media event.

IRF18 Malta Highlights (PDF)

Last update: 10th December 2019

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The IRF18 Malta Edition welcomed:
18 x Nations
429 x Cities
30 x Leading Radio Stations
118 x Radio Hosts & Producers
100’000’s of Social Stats – and growing
226’741 x Global Social Media Engagement
40 x IRF YouTube Videos
107’255’790 Listener Reach and On-going Storytelling
1’000s x Social Media Highlights
1’080’000 x Radio Industry Reach
60’000 x Instagram Followers
23’000 x Facebook Friends
72’000 x YouTube Views
1’200 x Twitter Radio Industry Followers
1 x TEMPLE -Luxury Magazine Title
300 x IRF Magazines
100’s of Radio Industry Reports
4 x IRF On-Air Hosts
57 x Radio Shows
168 x Hours of Radio Programming
28 x Radio Industry Speakers
1 x International Radio Faces Gallery
1 x International Star Composer
The First Teenage Radio Network
254 x Photos
120 x IRF branded Dorling Kindersley Guides to Malta/Gozo
100 x IRF branded Umbrellas
3 x Radio Industry Firsts: 1) BBC SOUNDS Launch 2) Blockchain for Broadcasting 3) IRF App
. . . . . .
Supported by:
The entire Malta Tourism Authority Team
3 x IRF Photographers
3 x IRF Videographers
4 x IRF Off-site Video Editors
12 x IRF Volunteers
4 x IRF Tech Team
1 x IRF Editor
1 x IRF Graphic Artist
3 x IRF Hospitality Managers
1 x IRF Head of Programming
1 x IRF Conference Manager
3 x IRF Directors
9 x Years of IRF Editions in Zurich, London, Milan & Malta
USD125’000.- worth of broadcasting hard and software