Radio Nova Paris

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Radio Nova Paris
Show: Que Onda! with Isadora Dartial

The French capital's homegrown station has a reputation bigger than life, even far beyond the borders of La Grande Nation. When Radio Nova went on air in 1981 it literally changed the way of radio music programming worldwide, thanks to its late creator Jean-Francois Bizot and its open-minded DJs and selectors like Laurent Garnier, Gilb'r and Ivan Smagghe assembling a programme more left-field than ever before but deeply rooted in club culture. "Que Onda!" is brand new show, premiering in September 2015, and kinda custom-made for the International Radio Festival: Every Saturday night from 9PM til midnight hostess Isadora Dartial invites the listeners on a world tour through global radio land. We expect a very special journey at our Milan edition!

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