Jil FM Algeria

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JIL FM 94.7 Algeria
Show: Electro Jil (with DJ Tarik & DJ Boss)

One of the most outstanding stations within the huge North African radio landscape is Algiers' Jil FM. The station is the first media company in Algeria directed at a younger audience, in a country where people under 35 represent 70% of the population. Figureheads of the diverse programme are DJ Boss and DJ Tarik with their own Saturday night show “Electro Jil”. And we can assure that these two guys will present a seamless mix of homegrown Algerian Maghreb and international electro house, trap, moombahton and dubstep that is as upfront and fresh as young people in North Africa are. It's only here where you can discover a vast pool of talents emerging from the Algerian electronic music scene.