IRF Conference & B2B Forum

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The IRF is a boutique music radio content conference and B2B Forum, the first of its kind produced for the music radio industry. It is a must attend meeting place for all those with a vested interest in the business, curation and programming of the world’s most consumed medium, Audio Content.

The IRF is attended by radio presenters, programme managers, record labels and artist management, and music affine brands, who benefit from unique knowledge sharing opportunities offered by the conference's panellists; and listening in to the festival’s radio programme showcases offers a further stage for debate.

The IRF is where trading ideas, networking and making friends represents the order of the day, and further promotes the business of audio content.


What the industry says:

“A gathering of an amazingly diverse and fascinating group of people with one thing in common: a love of radio. The most diverse radio gathering I’ve ever been to!”
Rusty Hodge, SOMA FM, San Francisco, USA


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