B2B Forum 2013

The IRF B2B Forum is presented by:
The IRF B2B Forum is a must attend for all those with a vested interest in the world’s most consumed medium: Music Radio & Brands. We welcome you to be part of it!

The B2B Forum, in association with the Swiss Radio School KLIPP+KLANG, will once again welcome luminaries from the world of music all of whom understand the power of radio. Speakers cover the spectrum of what drives successful radio today, and in the future.

Day 1: Wed 4th Sep 2013: SWISS RADIO FORUM (in German/Deutsch)
Day 2: Thu 5th Sep 2013: SOCIAL MEDIA SAVED THE RADIO STAR (in English)
Day 3: Fri 6th Sep 2013: NEW BREED BROADCASTING (in English)

The Forum offers all those with a vested interest in the worlds most consumed and influential medium, a unique platform to break new artists, sell music, and influence consumer habits whilst engaging with both a qualitative business audience, as well as a quantitative consumer audience consisting of billions of listeners worldwide. more…

The IRF comes at a time when radio goes global and the limitations of the airwaves are quickly disappearing. The IRF creates that space were minds alike meet to shape the future of radio.”
Alejandro Cohen, Dublab Radio, Los Angeles, USA

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The IRF B2B Forum is brought to you in association with the Swiss Radio School KLIPP+KLANG.


Oscar Winner Robert Kraft says

“The International Radio Festival is the essential media conference for radio and web-casting professionals.”
Robert Kraft, former Fox Music President and Oscar & Grammy Winner.
Read more why the Radio industry has got all so excited about the IRF.

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