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Welcome to the IRF

Do you want to be part of the next IRF and showcase your radio show and radio station?

Do you want to share meet like minded radio heads from every conceivable corner of the world?

Then here's your chance to join us at a future edition of the IRF.

So thank you for sharing your radio station related infos below so that we may evaluate your radio station for inclusion in the next IRF showcase.

(All enquiries are noted and added to our register and we thank you for bearing with us as we receive an inordinate number of requests, and your understanding that we are only able to respond to the selection made by our programme team.)

Please tell us what you do in Radio.
I am a Radio Anchor
I am a Radio Producer
I am a Radio Station Manager
I am a Radio Station Owner
Did we leave out a choice that didn't fit any of the above?
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