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The International Radio Festival (IRF) was founded by Darryl von Däniken in 2010, specifically to celebrate the heartbeat of music radio, namely the anchors and their producers, to unite music radio enthusiasts, broadcasters, and industry professionals, enabling them to come together and showcase and debate the curation and business of music radio, on-air, on-location, and online.

Radio, defined as human curated audio content, is experiencing a tremendous resurgence fitting in perfectly with today’s ear-phone generation and feeding our need for authenticity and ‘time-away’ from today’s ever-increasing impersonal over-digitalised and über-engaged one-dimensional ‘fake’ world, where superficial ‘panic’ surfing represents the order of the day.

Brands and services are re-discovering the unique story-telling qualities of radio, recognising it as the most sociable medium delivering maximum impact compared to any other media – no wonder radio is returning the fastest growing advertising revenues across commercial channels over the last few years!

The IRF is unique in that the conference format offers invited radio stations not only the opportunity to debate and knowledge share amongst their peers, but to additionally showcase their chosen programme formats to attendees whilst simultaneously broadcasting said programmes live-on-air from the conference back to their home audiences, thus reaching millions of global listeners and making the IRF the largest media event of its kind.

Welcome to the International Radio Festival where you can "Listen to how the World Sounds"™

For an overview of all IRF editions, please go here.

About the IRF

IRF Advisory Board.

The International Radio Festival is honoured to count the following radio and music industry luminaries to its Advisory Board.

International Radio Faces.

The IRF presents the world’s first photographic collection of International Radio Faces..

Since its first edition in 2010, the International Radio Festival (IRF) has offered an intriguing insight to a multitude of different radio cultures and their presenters from around the globe. One discovery made was that all involved didn’t only share the same incredible passion for music radio, but also the same jovial saying that ‘everyone has a face for radio’.

IRFaces was launched to offer all IRF’s guests a visual place to remain united, and since 2014 the collection has grown over the years capturing the faces of its international radio guests, turning the collection into the world’s most comprehensive photographic gallery of radio hosts.

Working with star photographer Tobias Stahel (he's the one below, 2nd from the left, top row), the IRF presents the world’s first collection of international radio faces, an ever-growing community who enjoy the following of millions of listeners around the globe.

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