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The World's Music Radio Showcase.

Broadcasting to Millions of Listeners around the World.

Welcome to the International Radio Festival.

The International Radio Festival (IRF) celebrates the heartbeat of music radio, namely the anchors and their producers, and where music radio enthusiasts, broadcasters, and industry professionals come together to showcase and debate the curation and business of music radio, on-air, online, and on-location.

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"Listen to how the World Sounds"

The International Radio Festival (IRF) uniquely reaches millions of on-air listeners by bringing together leading radio stations from all four corners of the globe who broadcast their music formats live from the festival back to their home audiences, allowing everyone tuned in to "Listen to how the World Sounds"™, creating an unparalleled cultural musical exchange like no other on earth.

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Get On-Air. Get Heard. Get Involved.

Whether you’re a radio anchor, producer or station owner, join us in celebrating the art of music radio where there’s a place for all audiophiles to get involved, network, and expand their understanding of music radio’s dynamic community at the world’s largest on-air festival, whilst reaching millions of listeners around the globe.

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Listen. Imagine. Discover.

We learn to hear before we learn to see, that's why radio represents the most visual of all media, and the only medium that frees us to get on with our daily life.

So set yourself free and tune-in to our streaming partner mixcloud featuring over 300 radio shows from around the globe that were showcased live from IRF festival locations including Zurich, Milan, London Olympics, Lugano, Basel, Bern, Chur and Malta.

IRF Partners

The IRF has nurtured long term relationships with key partners who have supported the festival to develop into the global go-to-place for the music radio industry. All we can add to that is "Thank you!"

Showcasing and debating the business and curation of music radio content.

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