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TRT FM Turkey
Show: Cifte Tarife (with Selim Karakaya and Banu Tarancı)

TRT FM started to broadcast in January 1975 as one of Turkish Radio and Television Corporation’s several public service radio stations. Today, TRT FM (formerly known as Radyo 2) is Turkey’s leading radio station reaching approximately 20 million listeners worldwide with a mixture of Turkish and international pop, folk and classical music, call-ins, news and travel information.

Travelling to the International Radio Festival in Malta are two of Turkey’s most popular and best known radio personalities: Selim Karakaya and Banu Tarancı will present their daily drive-time show «Cifte Tarife» (double tariff) and will quite likely rub off some of their enthusiasm on the worldwide audience. Be assured: The thoroughbred radio disc jockeys haven’t lost any of their peppiness over the nine years the show is now running on TRT.

Before joining TRT FM Selim Karakaya was a founding member of various Turkish radio stations like Radyo ODTU, Radio Mydonose and TRT Kent Radyo Ankara. Next to his radio day job he acts as a DJ and has already one book published. Banu Tarancı was an editor-in-chief of popular lifestyle magazines and worked for several radio and TV stations, changing Turkey’s Weather Report concept with her weather news show on TRT Haber.

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