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Taste History with Heritage Malta
Heritage Malta is introducing a new concept to Museums on the island. An opportunity for guests to taste Maltese and Mediterranean history. The vast documentary evidence found in Malta is rich enough to produce the unexpected for the discerning visitor. A professional team, of curators and chefs have come together to recreate the paupers’ frugal snacks, the corsair’s celebratory dinner, the Grand Master’s wine list, the inquisitor’s lent dinner and the Merchant’s decadent dessert. The results are as surprising as the flavours which have been brought back to life. Liam Gauci, Taste History's curator joins IRF anchor Gabby to cook up a delicious Taste History radio show, bring a fresh new meaning to the phrase "in the mix". Sample Liam's sound tracks and the music he was listening to whilst discovering certain recipes, including some dating back to the 18th century! In between this musical feast Malta’s dynamic young historian will guide Gabby through a true taste in history, explaining how pages from the past have inspired his team’s menu. #irfmalta #visitmalta #irfradiofest