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93.5 Red FM
Show: RJ Devaki

Red FM 93.5 is India's largest and most awarded radio network, with 50 stations all across the country, 169 collected awards so far (best FM brand, best FM station, best RJs etc) and up to 30 millions listeners. The philosophy and attitude of «Bajaate Raho!» (loosely translated «keep playing the music») keeps the energy of the station always at high peak.

Especially with the renowned morning show «Morning No. 1» with RJ Devaki at Red FM Ahmedabad. The show was awarded as «The Best Radio Show Of Gujarat» by India Radio Forum 2015. Recently Devaki was also awarded as the voice of Ahmedabad by the Governor of Gujarat. Her show is a platform for the aam amdavadi. Authorities like the AMC, Police Commissioner, the mayor of Ahmedabad use the show to spread their message across. They even take Devaki's suggestions on important matters. We are very pleased to have Devaki in Malta representing India at the International Radio Festival 2018.

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