Piñata Radio Montpellier

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Piñata Radio
Show: Tudo Bem (with Thomas Berthelot & Maxime Ryckwaert)

From France to the world, Piñata Radio is an online radio based in Montpellier. Broadcasting since late 2017, Piñata Radio is showcasing some of the best DJs and music curators from south of France and beyond. Deeply rooted in their city as much as they explore other countries, these dedicated radio jocks present their listeners a wide and diverse selection of music and radio shows. Next to the web stream the website of Piñata Radio offers its visitors multiple ways to unearth new and exciting music.

«Tudo Bem» is a monthly radio show hosted on Piñata Radio by his two founders, Thomas Berthelot and Maxime Ryckwaert. Covering a large spectrum of music, from jazz to electronic and everything in between, they play some of the finest music they discover on their digging trips. Inspired by what’s happening worldwide as much as what’s going on in their hometown and around, «Tudo Bem» represents Piñata Radio’s eclecticism like no other show.

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