Paul Sylvester

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The International Radio Festival's B2B Forum takes place at the historic Mediterranean Conference Centre on 1st November, covering the hottest topics in the global audio and music industries. One of the dozen speakers during this jam-packed day is Paul Sylvester.

Paul Sylvester is an award-winning radio programmer with a decade of experience in radio production, management and talent coaching. He became Content Director for Absolute Radio in August 2015 and has led the team to record ratings and revenue. Absolute Radio won four Gold Awards at the Radio Academy awards in October 2017 and was crowned «Radio Station of the Year» at the final Arqiva Commercial Radio Awards in 2016. Paul Sylvester was named Radio Programmer of the Year on the same night.

He has helped to design and deliver podcast strategies at Chrysalis/Absolute Radio, driving audience and revenue. Previously he was a journalist and newsreader at LBC 97.3FM, LBC News 1152, Heart 106.2, The Galaxy Network and Lincs FM 102.2. In June 2017, Sylvester was made a Fellow of the UK Radio Academy.

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