Paul Smith

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The International Radio Festival's B2B Forum takes place at the historic Mediterranean Conference Centre on 1st November, covering the hottest topics in the global audio and music industries. One of the dozen speakers during this jam-packed day is Paul Smith.

Paul Smith is Head of Editorial Standards at BBC Radio. The BBC is the UK's national broadcaster. It is independent of government, and paid for by a licence fee levied on all TV owners. The broadcaster aims to provide TV, Radio and online services that are independent of political and commercial influences. It is Paul Smith’s job to uphold those, and other standards in radio. He’s also in charge of the radio commissioning process. This aims to buy the best radio programme ideas from the BBC's own producers and the wider creative community of Independent Audio Producers. BBC Radio comprises Radio 1, 2, 3, and 4, and the digital networks 6 Music, 1Xtra, Asian Network.

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