National Radio Day

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National Radio Day (August 20th) is a time for communities across the country to celebrate radio.

The goal is to strengthen the radio ecosystem, highlighting all kinds of radio, but especially stations that focus on local service.

Radio has faced its challenges since the 'digital disruption'. In a world where streaming services such as YouTube, Spotify and Pandora are dominating the preferences of Generation Z, many thought radio had had its day. And yet like a phoenix rising from the ashes radio lives on, thanks to the dedication and passion of those who curate and program.

BBC Radio 1 DJ Greg James couldn't have summed it up better today when he opened up his show in the new prestigious Breakfast position.  "I love radio more than anything else in the whole world. It is the best thing. It is there when you're happy, it's there when you're sad. It cheers you up, it makes you laugh, it sums up moments in your life."

National Radio Day lands on August 20th of every year, which is the anniversary of the first telegram sent around the world via a commercial service.