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Show: Flying Carpet

Kasheme is currently Zurich’s most endearing and most passionate music platform. Not yet a fully fledged radio station, the livingroom like bar in the middle of Zurich with its own in-house record store and state-of-the-art studio/club in the basement attracts music lovers from all over the city – and sometimes even from beyond city limits.

DJs, producers and musicians from anywhere in the world are invited to Kasheme to share their «selector’s choice» with the audience on site or via online audio and video streaming. Luminous figures, like Chez Damier, Alex Barck, San Proper, Rainer Trüby or Osunlade have already spun their precious vinyl records in the livingroom atmosphere of Kasheme.

At the International Radio Festival in Malta, the three owners of Kasheme will present their idea of the future of radio to our worldwide audience. «Flying Carpet» will see the three friends Nick «Soul Mate» Mazrekaj, Guido «FreeJ» Rumi and Tim «J’peux» Bytyqi play records that are very personal, extra charismatic and totally inspiring, in other words: everything «Kasheme» stands for.

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