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The International Radio Festival's B2B Forum takes place at the historic Mediterranean Conference Centre on 1st November, covering the hottest topics in the global audio and music industries. One of the dozen speakers during this jam-packed day is John Simons.

John Simons is an award-winning radio programme director who worked for 14 years at the Guardian Media Group after having gained experience at BBC Radio 2 amongst other stations. Today he’s engaged as an independent consultant for radio stations. Over the years Simons built up a range of techniques to take stations to market leading positions and to get he most out of on-air talents. His services include training courses and bootcamps, talent and management coaching, strategic planning, music research interpretation and conference speaker and facilitator.

Therefore we’re looking forward to his speech at the Mediterranean Conference Centre on 1st November. John Simons will lead a panel on the rise of niche radio services from rock to jazz. The 2004 winner of the «UK Programmer of the Year» award by the UK Radio Academy surely got some insights most radio jocks can learn something from.

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