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Ibiza Sonica
Show: Zoologica (with Valentin Huedo)

Without Ibiza Sonica participating, our festival wouldn’t be the same. In 2006 Igor Marijuan and Miguel Valverde materialized their desire to create a non-commercial radio station delivering a slice of Ibiza’s amazing musical landscape to the world and experienced a swift rise to the top of the game ever since. The internet has played a fundamental role in Ibiza Sonica’s worldwide success beaming their programme across the globe simultaneously with the local FM broadcast reaching more than 12 million listeners a month. Boasting line-ups to rival any super club, it’s no surprise thousands of listeners tune in for their daily Ibiza Sonica fix.

For this year’s edition of the IRF we welcome Valentin Huedo. He is one of Ibiza’s best-known and respected DJs. He shaped the sound at the legendary Café del Mar Ibiza for 9 years and is a resident DJ at one of the most exclusive clubs on the island, Blue Marlin. Time Out said of him: «Valentin Huedo has redefined the Balearic sound of their predecessors». His show «Zoologica» will be presented live from our festival studios at the Pjazza Teatru Rjal in Valetta. If you’re in town you better drop on by to catch some of the real Balearic lifestyle spirit.

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