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Show: Discover New Music (with Sandra Gern & Max Klement)

The mission of the Munich based station egoFM is to be a bulwark in mainstream radio land where format programmes let you hear the same few songs all day long. Consequently the claim of egoFM is «Das Radio für Musikentdecker» (the radio for music discoverers). The main target group is between 20 and 39 and likes artists like alt-J, Florence & The Machine or Moderat, but is also always on the lookout for new, emerging acts. Next to FM and DAB+ the station – operating now for 10 years – broadcasts via 12 different streams reaching two million listeners a month. The innovative content and focus of egoFM leads to a re-discovery of the medium radio by an audience that turned away from mainstream programmes. They reconsider radio to be a source of progressive and creative impulses that enriches their everyday life with topics from the club scene, the latest internet hypes to social commitment. In short: EgoFM makes radio great again!

For the IRF in Valetta egoFM wants to make our worldwide audience discover new music from Germany. Max Klement (presenter of the daily drive time show «Metropol») and Sandra Gern (presenter of the weekly show «Chelsea Hotel») will lead through two hours of German music from icons to contemporary artists and total newcomers. We are quite sure the twosome will hand some German gems to us on a silver platter.

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