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Presenter: Tony Prince

Once again we enthusiastically welcome the true radio pirate and airwave pioneer Tony Prince, to present the most prestigious award for nimble-fingered DJs up to this day, DMC World. Tony spent 16 years with Radio Luxembourg and will present a two hour cavalcade of memories, interviews and stories which will include moments from his memorable interviews including Elvis, John, Paul, Ringo and even Linda McCartney who rarely gave solo interviews. “I’m busy trawling through my library of tapes and digitising them”, says Tony. “It’s bringing back so many memories and I hope the listeners around the world will enjoy this special tribute to this, the greatest radio station of all time”. Whilst Tony’s air-checks contain the famous 208 wavelength static, the excerpts will be heard in studio quality for the very first time. Tony’s book “Making Waves”, a double autobiography with Czech DJ Jan Sestak, will be published in Spring 2016: “Kids today just will not believe how bad it was in Czechoslovakia under communist rule and how exciting and crazy life was for a DJ throughout the 60’s and 70’s”.

In the early 80′s he founded the DMC World DJ Championship, the most prestigious award for nimble-fingered DJs up to this day. And with the launch of Mixmag in 1982 Prince originated one of still the most important club culture magazines. A man, who shaped radio culture like no other and, now 70 years old, is still fighting to change the music world. At this year’s IRF Tony Prince will present “Flashback Radio” exclusively on our frequencies: The best from 50 years Radio Caroline and Radio Luxembourg, including lots of original interviews of old times and even more amusing anecdotes of an eventful radio career. Following “Flashback Radio”, Tony Prince will be joined by Kiss FM founder Gordon Mac for a roundtable discussion on the subject of “UK radio yesterday and tomorrow”. Of course, everything live on our frequencies!