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The IRF is pleased to carry on its association with Radiodays Europe (RDE). Radiodays Europe is an annual conference for radio professionals with 1500 participants from 62 countries. It is the meeting point for the European radio industry, both private and public, and a destination for radio people from around the world. The next Radiodays Europe it will be held Lausanne 31 March - 21 April 2019. “Radiodays Europe (RDE) has become the meeting point for the radio industry in Europe, both private and public, and our partners such as the International Radio Festival help us stay connected around the world, being ambassadors for RDE, but also contributing to the content every year. With 1’500 attendees from 62 countries, and a massive conference programme with more than 120+ speakers across 58 sessions over two and a half days, Radiodays Europe, now in its 8th year represents the leading radio conference in the world” says Anders Held, RDE’s co-founder.