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SomaFM San Francisco
Show: Secret Agent

It’s a great honor to welcome again one of the most important and most inspiring radio stations in the world to our festival in Milan: The mother of all web radio stations, SOMA FM, is the brainchild of Rusty Hodge – a pioneer, activist and fanatical music lover from San Francisco. Already back in the 80's the free spirit developed software for broadcasters and was, back in 1999 (!), one of the first to start his own radio station exclusively via the internet (commercial-free and listener-supported). Today SOMA FM reaches about 450'000 listeners each month and comprises more than 20 unique channels which serve specific genres that are rarely heard on commercial radio or are „not being done right“ according to Hodge. One of SomaFM's first three channels is “Secret Agent”, an eclectic blend of cinematic downtempo, stylish lounge, sambas and easy-tempo sixties European pop music with an adventurous flair. Music director and passionate record collector Rusty is accompanied by Merin McDonell. The published science fiction author and avid photographer has been involved in SomaFM from its inception, working on logo design, web design, station logos, photography, marketing materials, press materials, and more.

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