Ibiza Sonica

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Ibiza Sonica
Presenters: Igor Marijuan (with special guest Ellen Allien)

It's almost not possible to imagine our festival without Ibiza Sonica participating. The station numerous times honoured with several On Air awards (including the IRF „Best International Radio Station“ accolade) and founded in 2006 is a stable constant in our programme simply because it is the Island’s leading dance music radio station, with an FM broadcast and 9 on-line stations including Pioneer DJ Radio, Blue Marlin Ibiza Radio, Ocean Ibiza Radio and Es Vive Radio; reaching more that 12 million listeners a month and boasting line-ups to rival any super club. Igor Marijuan, CEO of the station, will bring none other than Ellen Allien to celebrate his station's 10th year anniversary and direct this special evening into a global dance party on our airwaves. If you ever wanted to experience the real Balearic lifestyle spirit without flying out for the weekend then you better come down and catch fire.

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