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Presenters: Chrigi G. us Z. & Honey-K

GDS.FM is probably Zurich's best music radio station if you dislike to bop up and down in the mainstream. That is what its founder, Christian Gamp, had in mind when he launched in spring 2014 the fully fledged 24/7 web broadcast. Reaching 25'000 listeners a week, the station is dedicated to spread unheard music and to give local artists and DJs a platform. The weekly live show “Studio GDS at Kauz” was selected by German music magazine Groove as one of the world's best electronic music radio shows. The hosts of this show, Chrigi G. us Z. and Honey-K, will present at this edition of the IRF a wide range of Swiss and international music to give a brief impression about GDS.FM and what makes it so unique.

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