Arnold Meyer, Zurich

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Arnold Meyer
Tribute to Italo Disco
When Arnold Meyer was thirteen he already published his very own punk rock magazine called “Shit” and interviewed amongst others Debbie Harry for his photocopied fanzine. This early developed love and dedication for music and everything connected with clubbing culminated when Meyer started to organize the biggest house/techno parties in Switzerland in the mid-90's (Energy, Motion, Rohstofflager) and became the “Technopapst” of Switzerland. A man in the game not just for the money. You could almost say it's just his passion for music that made his career so successful. He will present a special “Tribute To Italo Disco” show in our studio at the UniCredit Pavilion. The music that influenced Chicago House and Detroit Techno, a style born in and around Milan of all places. Tune in for some history!

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