The IRF is a must-attend event for Radio Jockeys, DJ’s and Music Radio Professionals, Record Labels, Music Managers & Agents, Lifestyle Brands/Services and their Marketing & Advertising Agencies, Media Professionals and Educational Establishments.

For corporate and consumer brand clients alike, the International Radio Festival event and conference format delivers both a qualitative business to business audience as well as a quantitative consumer one.

Qualitative Business to Business audiences:

    • Renown radio Jockeys, DJ’s, bands and artistes
    • Radio station managers and programming heads
    • Public, commercial and private broadcasters
    • Record labels, recording studios, technicians, studio designers and wholesalers
    • Event location, club owners, open air festivals and leisure resorts
    • Trade media (music, fashion, art and media titles)
    • Producers, managers and agents (radio Jockeys, DJ’s, bands and artistes)
    • Lifestyle brands, advertising, marketing and promotions agencies

Quantitative Consumer audiences:

    • Global listeners tuned in to the IRF programming (direct and via partner broadcasters etc)
    • Local & global visitors on site at IRF events
    • Global consumer media audiences (music, fashion, art and media titles)
    • Nightlife & clubbing audiences

Unique aspects of the IRF:

    • The International Radio Festival is the first business to business and public event platform of its kind in the history of music radio; it is unique as much as in its concept and as it is innovative in its application
    • The Festival’s B2B Forum represents the annual place to meet radio and music industry professionals and consumer brands with a vested interest in music radio content; the world’s most consumed and influential medium.
    • Featured radio programmes are broadcast “Live On-Air”, locally on FM across Zurich, online around the world, and most uniquely back home on the respective frequencies of the participating radio stations.
    • The Festival offers the general public a rare “over the shoulder” chance to witness how some of the world’s leading radio jockeys and programming heads run their music shows.
    • The introduction of the first “ON AIR Awards” in 2011, The IRF “ON-AIR” Awards underpins the Festival’s goal to celebrate the very best in global music radio programming.
    • The Festival offers the radio and music industry unique opportunities to trade, swap, exchange and showcase some of the best music radio formats, whilst being able to network and knowledge share with industry leaders.
    • The Festival offers the music industry a direct avenue to break new artists, and for brands to influence consumer habits while engaging with millions of listeners worldwide.

Target audience:

    • Radio and music industry professionals & media channels (DJ’s and Radio Jock’s)
    • Record labels, artist managers, agents and promotion services
    • Upwardly mobile 18-40 year old consumers of music (and the forever-youngs)
    • Opinion leaders active in music and fashion (DJ’s, producers, fashionistas, editors, stylists) who are social media, community affine & lifestyle driven

Geographic reach:

    • Globally online
    • On FM/AM in clearly defined countries and metropolitan capital cities  from where all participating radio stations originate
    • On FM and on-location in Zurich for local and visiting audiences.

For further information in how brands and services can benefit from associating with the International Radio Festival, please contact Darryl von Däniken at

“The people behind the IRF do an amazing job. The Fest is certainly something to pay attention to on a number of levels. I can’t believe it hasn’t been done before!”
Peter Ferraro, East Village Radio, New York City, USA

Oscar Winner Robert Kraft says

“The International Radio Festival is the essential media conference for radio and web-casting professionals.”
Robert Kraft, former Fox Music President and Oscar & Grammy Winner.
Read more why the Radio industry has got all so excited about the IRF.

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